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I always admired her lifestyle. She had a remarkable commitment to her health, being a yoga instructor and living in Bali with her loving and handsome boyfriend. Their plans for marriage and having adorable children were simply inspiring. It's natural to feel a sense of admiration, right? On the other hand, I've been quite restless, constantly moving between major cities around the world, never quite feeling settled and always seeking more. I may not have a boyfriend, but I've had a taste of various experiences. My home is more transient, sometimes houses or hotels. I've enjoyed the freedom to eat whatever and whenever I pleased.

However, I vividly recall the day I received the shocking news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was difficult to process and even accept. How could this happen? Why? When? Is it even possible? She's still young, healthy, happy, and deeply in love. One would expect her immune system to be as strong as a gladiator's. But eventually, I had to face the reality, as did all the people who loved and cared for her. We witnessed her struggles, her smiles through tears, her attempts to remain strong, and even moments of vulnerability. It was a challenging journey, and she needed every tool in her arsenal to fight and overcome. She underwent various treatments alongside chemotherapy, some of which I hadn't even known existed, let alone their costs. They were quite expensive! Sadly, not every woman fighting similar battles has access to such elite care. This realization made me reflect on how I could celebrate my femininity every day, for as long as I can.

I decided to discard my plain, dull panties and boring pajamas, as well as lifeless clothes. Instead, I invested in the sexiest lace garments, tiniest G-strings, and most flattering bras. Yes, it may have had a significant impact on my finances, but it was worth it. Even these items can be quite costly! I told myself, "Woman, you need to find a way!" That's when the idea of Bubbly Boujees began to flourish within me, like a beautiful baby girl in my womb. I wanted to create a space where women could shop, embrace their sexiest selves, celebrate their femininity, and support one another without facing financial hardship. In Bubbly Boujees, every woman would check out knowing that not only did she treated herself to some shopping, but she also contributed to easing the pain of another woman she may never have met or known, and likely never will. Isn't that the most beautiful expression of unconditional love? 💕

So go ahead, ladies, let's spread love! 💕